World Works

Build while you can! 

Press paper and move your beams before the Paper Factory and Crane close! We appreciate all of the visitors who’ve had years of training on the Crane and helped us prepare for construction. Soon, the museum will take over the heavy lifting with bobcats, bulldozers and cranes, when the museum goes under construction in October.

We will say goodbye to these iconic play spaces at the museum, of which the Crane has been apart since our Bandana Square location. The rest of World Works will remain open during this construction phase – so, you can still move packages through the warehouse, cast shadows in the Theater of Light, and make a splash at the water tables. Stay tuned – new adventures, coming soon!

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Inquiry and wonder prevail in this action-packed, hands-on environment that encourages the questions, “Why?” and “How?” World Works promotes object play to provoke investigation, observation, experimentation and problem-solving through intriguing activities.

From the colorful cast of shadows on the wall to the see-through tubes and water vessels, time spent playing and splashing in World Works opens the floodgates that fuels a passion for learning.

Playing in World Works contributes to the development of essential lifelong skills such as:

  • Critical thinking when organizing and executing a plan for moving all the packages through the toy warehouse.
  • Confidence when discovering the best way to use water’s powerful force to get a boat down the chute the fastest.
  • Creative thinking when taking paper that was made in the paper factory and using it to reinvent something new.


Check out these books related to the World Works gallery:

  • Galimoto by Catherine Stock
  • Guess Whose Shadow? by Stephen R. Swinburne
  • What! Cried Granny: An Almost Bedtime Story by Kate Lum

5 Ways to Play During MEA!

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