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Minnesota Children's Museum


Playful Learning at Minnesota Children’s Museum

Play is Potent

Play is profound. Beneath its shiny, colorful yet simple veneer it has powers that are life-changing. Play is a mighty motivator, an earnest educator, a creative catalyst. Play has the power to empower your child, embrace natural wonder, and instill knowledge.

At Minnesota Children’s Museum, we go to work every day to champion the power of play and to create environments and experiences that fuel inquiry, creativity and a love of learning. Playful learning is fundamental to the development of your child, to all children – the same children who will go on to change the world. We embrace and support playful learning by engaging children and adults alike in playful learning experiences.

Whether young or old, learning happens naturally through play when you wonder, try, laugh, persist, and truly enjoy yourself. Play builds character. Play cranks confidence. Play elevates curiosity. Play molds minds. Play is learning.

Giving the Power of Play a Boost

Play is a powerful force. We’re trying to add it as the 8th wonder of the world. Everything your child is attempting to do or doing, even if it results in something unexpected, contributes significantly to their development. The process in which they go through contains dozens of “lessons” and holds all the learning power. The end result, while informative, is far less essential. It is the process that teaches your children to be active learners throughout life, and it is the process that arms them with “tools” they will call upon and use daily throughout childhood, school, college and career.

Smart Play is         

  • Active: Both the mind and body are dynamically involved
  • Additive: Past knowledge and experience are used to gain new knowledge through new experiences
  • Ingenious: A variety of inventive ways to reveal individuality and progess thinking are expressed
  • Intrinsic: Personal motivation that stems from deep desire and genuine enjoyment

Smart Play at the Museum holds volumes of value in supporting children in their learning and development. Smart play also supports parents in their desire to provide “the best” for their children, and other adults who have children at the center of their lives, like educators, in their quest to make a difference. Did we mention Smart Play is ridiculously and fantastically fun?

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