Museum-to-Go Classes

Boost Enrichment in your Classroom

Bring the Museum to your location for interactive classroom experiences. Our multi-sensory classes ignite imaginations and make learning fun! A Museum educator will facilitate a 50-minute session in one of our curriculum-supporting Museum-to-Go Classes at your site.

Class size: Maximum 28 students per session
Chaperone ratio: one adult for every seven students
Cost: $160 for one session, $280 for two, $360 for three, $100 for each additional session; plus round-trip mileage
Available: Monday – Friday; within a 50 mile radius of the Museum
Reserve: Request your class online or call 651-225-6000 to reserve today!

Classes available now through March 30, 2017

Class Topics

Science: PreK-2

Engage busy brains and inspire collaboration while pretending to be an ant and helping to complete the work of the different ants in the colony. State Standards: Science, Language Arts

Health: PreK-1 and 2-4

Exercise mind and body through brain-boosting activities to help build knowledge of a healthy lifestyle focusing on movement, balanced diet and dental health. State Standards: Health, Physical Education, Language Arts

Social Studies: K-4

Work together to plan, engineer and build a healthy and thriving community that meets the needs of its “citizens.” This class requires table/desk space that is 6’x12′. State Standards: Social Studies, Language Arts

Science: K-1 and 2-4

New STEM class now available! Energize young minds with STEM practices such as observing, predicting and problem solving to build a ball course and maneuver balls through a series of motion challenges. This class requires additional floor space varying by class size. Five 10×10 sq. ft. areas are recommended. State Standards: Math, Science, Language Arts

Science: PreK-1 and 2-4

Uncover the mystery behind dinosaurs by examining fossil replicas and asking questions to gain a sense of the life and habitats of dinosaurs before extinction. State Standards: Science, Language Arts

Science: 1-3

Crank up critical thinking skills such as observing, analyzing and evaluating to explore how rocks are formed and classified. State Standards: Math, Science, Language Arts

Social Studies: PreK-1

Strengthen communication and venture into the lives of children from around the globe to experience the sights and sounds of different customs worldwide. State Standards: Social Studies, Language Arts


Are additional adults needed for the Museum-to-Go Classes?
We require at least two school staff and/or parent volunteers besides the teacher to aid in the implementation process. Additional chaperones are welcome and a ratio of one adult for every seven children is recommended.

How far in advance should I schedule the class?
We recommend scheduling at least 30 days in advance to ensure your preferred dates are available.

How do I schedule a Museum-to-Go Class?
Schedule your class by submitting a request online or by calling 651-225-6000. A Membership and Sales Assistant will contact you to confirm availability.

What is your payment policy?
You will receive an invoice with a due date for payment via email. Please call 651-225-6000 to pay by credit card or send a copy of your invoice and a business check to the Museum prior to the due date.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Please call 651-225-6000 as soon as possible to reschedule or cancel. Refunds are given to customers that cancel at least 14 days prior to the site visit.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Group Reservations online.

Group Visits

There are no reserved group visits at our St. Paul location available during 2016 due to our exciting
renovation project. Group visits are planned to resume in the late spring of 2017. We are expanding
our St. Paul museum, re-imagining our galleries and adding wonderful amenities for our visitors.

Make time for play - it’s one of the most powerful ways kids learn! #PlayMoreMN

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