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Federal Funding for Museums Makes Minnesota a Better Place

Federal Funding for Museums Makes Minnesota a Better Place BOB INGRASSIA Vice President | External Relations Ever heard of the Institute of Museum and Library Services? That's OK if you haven't. For many people, IMLS is an unfamiliar federal agency. Chances are,...

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Why It’s Good to Let Children Play

When I was 7 I had a box of Barbies that I played with for hours acting out stories, coloring their skin and building them houses. While my sisters and grandmother were certainly around, no one directed me how to play with them or cared what I did to them. At...

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Zooming Ahead – Cardboard Sled Race Recap

Whether they had been working on their sleds for weeks, a few days, or only a few hours, all participants created their homemade sleds using cardboard.  Participants used all their STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) to make a sled...

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Get Daring in The Scramble

Get Daring in The Scramble BOB INGRASSIA Vice President External Relations When the St. Paul museum re-opens in June, you’re going to notice The Scramble. It will be impossible to miss this four-story climbing adventure, which will occupy the shiny new addition to the...

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Museum in St. Paul Opening in June

There’s no way around it — this is disappointing news: Our newly expanded museum in downtown St. Paul won’t open until June. We’d been working toward reopening in April. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever embarked on a construction project large or small knows, plans...

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Preschoolers Need to Get Outside!

Even hardy Minnesotans sometimes need reminders about the importance of getting children outside despite how low the mercury might drop in the dead of winter.  In her blog post, Preschoolers Need to Get Outside!, educator and Improv Parenting founder Keren Gudeman,...

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The Secret Life of a Jacket

In the daily hustle and bustle, much of children’s schedules revolve around choices made by the adults who care for them. Many children move throughout their day being shuffled from one transition to another. Often, the transitions lead to frustrations and meltdowns...

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