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Recess – Get Outside and Play to Learn More Inside

Thanks to rising academic standards and education reform, time set aside for play during the school day continues to be cut in favor of extended class time. Unlike structured classes, including physical education, recess allows for free, child-led play and is... read more

Reading Helps Makes Sense of Our Lives

Reading broadly and avidly, helps us make sense of our own lives, and the lives of others. This is especially true for young children, who have less real world  experience, and less ability to control many of the aspects of their daily lives. Reading books can inspire... read more

Interdependence: Relying on Others & Working Together

When your child is around other children, have you ever noticed them carefully watching what another may be doing and then doing something almost exactly the same just moments later? Perhaps they are watching someone put together an elaborate Lego sculpture and then... read more

Steel: Building The Scramble

Building The Scramble Visible changes every day: The steel is going up in front of the building, creating the future home of The Scramble. Plywood has replaced windows where we will connect the existing building to the expansion area Windows are being cut into the... read more

Cultivate an Open Mind in Your Children

If we were to ask adults, “What is this?”   most people would say a black dot. Well, they might also call it a circle, a period, a blob or polka dot too. Show children the same black dot and ask, “What is this?” and you will hear boundless possibilities. A pupil. A... read more

Going in! Going up!

Home » Going in! Going up! What’s New? Easier access and a whole lot of blocks! Presto! With the touch of a button (3 actually), entrances and exits just became a lot easier. The hole for the elevator shaft in January. The future cafe! The view from the old... read more

Spark Some Medieval Magic at Mall of America® in 2017

Travel back in time to a fanciful medieval village at Mall of America® January 2017! The Amazing Castle is coming! It’s filled with opportunities for problem-solving, storytelling and imaginative play. Design and build your own chair, cook a delicious meal using... read more

Uniting with the Community to Serve a Growing Rochester

The Museum is looking to the future – and we’re asking the entire community to help us expand our reach and impact. With so many exciting initiatives underway in Rochester, this is a great time to establish the Museum’s long-term strategy, vision and role in our... read more

Fostering Empathy in Your Children

Imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk and your daughter pauses to examine a bird that hit the window. Naturally curious, your child crouches down to get a better look and then pops up and says, “Daddy! We have to rescue it! Let’s take it... read more

#MuseumWeek on Twitter Mar. 28 – Apr. 3

Join us for #MuseumWeek 2016 on Twitter! Beginning March 28 museums and galleries from across the world will come together on Twitter for #MuseumWeek 2016. What started in 2014 as a handful of museums tweeting throughout Western Europe has explored into a worldwide... read more
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